Connections Spotlight — Working towards a world where every person lives in peace and is supported by a thriving, resilient community

| December 8, 2020

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

At Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, we’re working towards a world where every person lives in peace and is supported by a thriving, resilient community. We’ll make that vision a reality by igniting collective action that creates better lives for children and families.

Many in our community face staggering injustices. Mental, physical, and spiritual trauma are facts of everyday life, made worse by historical oppression and generational poverty. The systems that should provide relief are often ineffectual and overwhelmed; at their worst, they’re racist and demeaning. And in our largely rural community, issues like food inequity, education access, and healthcare provision are exacerbated by structures of power that often look past folks outside metro areas.

We have the power to reverse these injustices, and we are doing so right here in Coconino County. When we approach challenges with a holistic mindset and consider the impact of systemic, generational trauma, we can work with communities at the source of the issue, not just at the symptom. 

Our approach is proactive and bold; we’re eliminating childhood trauma and inequity by building an inclusive movement of people dedicated to transforming and healing our communities. Through leadership, education and advocacy, we are reconnecting children and families to the greater community and their own potential. 

You can make a difference for our communities by becoming a member of the Coalition. It is an affordable and easy way to support this movement. Thank you to all of our current members- your support is invaluable!

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