CCC&Y provides a variety of options to help families during 2021

| March 29, 2021

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

At Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, we’re working towards a world where every person lives in peace and is supported by a thriving, resilient community. We’ll make that vision a reality by igniting collective action that creates better lives for children and families.

To assist families this, CCC&Y continues to support and expand a variety of programs we have initiated in 2020 with the assistance of a variety of partners in the region and statewide. They include:

The CCC&Y Family Connection, hosted every Monday from 2:30-3:30. The bilingual Zoom meeting is is a great way to connect with others countywide. Folks can join virtually or by phone. 

The meeting is open to parents, caregivers, professionals — All individuals in our community.

Now is the time to connect, be supportive and receive support in a safe and caring environment via zoom or by telephone.

This is an open time to connect with others, share joys, vent some concerns, ask for support, or offer others your support. REGISTER HERE

A variety of resources are also available for families and local professionals who work with families on CCC&Ys Prevention Webpage. Those resources include:

  • In our free webinar on Hope in Resiliency, we examine the effects of childhood trauma play out both personally for individuals and tremendous costs for society.  There is much that society needs to acknowledge about the inequitable experiences of our community members, but also, there is much that all of us can do to mitigate these outcomes.  This introductory webinar sets the stage for much of our work and is a jumping off point for the webinars that go deeper below. 
  • In our webinar Kevin Campbell Self-Healing Communities — a Continued Conversation, we discuss moving away from treating individuals, community members and families as the “recipient” of services, from medicalizing unlivable lives, from not acknowledging systems of injustice and a move toward the scientifically-based call to action of participation, truth and community healing
  • In our hour-long webinar on Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences; Hope in Resiliency, participants will learn how the effects of childhood trauma play out both personally for individuals, along with having tremendous costs for society. 
  • Multicultural Understanding of Historical Trauma, (Part A & B) where we go deeper into understanding trauma and healing especially concerning historical experience.  This training further takes into account current issues and experiences. 
  • Mindfulness for Professionals and Parents, an hour-long free webinar that highlights the importance mindfulness holds for both individuals and for those we are working with.
  • We’ve created Mindfulness Challenge For Youth, a 45-minute webinar to empower youth and young adults with information to grow, heal, thrive and/or otherwise flourish. We are also inviting youth to find ways to become a leader in our community. 
  • Strengthening Families Protective Factors, 1.5 hour webinar to ensure we look through a strength-based framework that is evidence-based, supports families and is prevention focused.  This is for the community, as well as, professionals.  Trainer: Claire Louge, Prevention Child Abuse Arizona
  • In the webinar Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Training, trainer Bradley Snyder of the Dion Initiative for Child Well-Being and Bullying Prevention, explores the causes and effects of bullying that is research based, connects the issue to both childhood trauma and later substance use and most importantly, helps the audience to understand what can be done to mitigate and create climates that prevent bullying.

All the webinars and additional information can be found at:

There is no charge for the webinars, but we do ask that you consider sharing with others and completing the survey.

For further research and data related childhood trauma, resiliency, substance use and statistics for Coconino County please read CCC&Y’s Youth Prevention Plan & Needs Assessment


To learn more about about CCC&Y, please see our new Public Service Announcement. While members of CCC&Y want to wish you a beautiful holiday season, but also be aware the additional challenges facing family members and neighbors this year.

“The holiday season is about joy, peace, giving and gratitude, but not everyone feels the magic. This year COVID fatigue can add stress already brought on by colder weather, shorter days or grief and loss.”

Please listen to the full PSA HERE


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