Candidates have spoken on youth education, child welfare issues with CCC&Y’s Candidate Questionnaire Webpage

| October 19, 2020

Questionnaire webpage provides voters opportunity for one-stop information.

By the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth

COCONINO COUNTY — Candidates for elected office through Coconino County and statewide have addressed youth education and child welfare issues with Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth’s Candidate Questionnaire Webpage.

CCC&Y is once again providing its one-stop webpage featuring information from candidates impacting the county.

The Coalition has created the short, attached questionnaire so that voters in Coconino County may understand how candidates will respond to issues related to children & youth. Voters will have access to the Coalition’s website to compare and contrast candidate responses, see who has responded and note missing candidates.

The Coalition wants to wish each candidate well during their campaign. Please note that the Coalition is non-partisan and will not endorse a campaign. The Coalition is interested in a highly engaged and educated voting population. 

The Coalition sincerely appreciates candidates’ willingness to run for public office. Please know that the Coalition has gratitude for your public service and the sacrifices this requires.

About the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth:

Igniting collective action to cultivate, honor & empower resilient, thriving communities.

For more than 40 years, CCC&Y has acted as the countywide communication link, bridging and supporting services for children and youth. Through advocacy, prevention, education and community partnership building, CCC&Y has built a strong, extensive network of families, providers, leaders and communities all striving to improve the lives of young people.

CCC&Y has been in existence since 1972. Its weekly newsletters, social media and website reach thousands annually. For a list of formal members please visit Additionally, for this specific project, we are investing advertising dollars to further our reach.

Visit for more information.



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