Commit to Quality – Sign the Make it Count Pledge

| August 8, 2014

More than 330 out-of-school time programs signed the Make It Count Pledge since it was announced on May 1st
Signing the Make It Count Pledge indicates a program’s commitment to using the Arizona Quality Standards for Out-of-School Time Programs as part of their continuous quality improvement process.

Use the Standards to:
• Foster a community conversation among parents, educators, program providers and funders about what quality looks like in out-of-school time programs
• Establish benchmarks for program improvement
• Identify and develop strategies to address program gaps and maximize impact
• Encourage and expand partnerships where needed
• Determine effective resource allocation in budgeting and program planning
• Promote individual program strengths to families, potential funders and community partners
The Quality Standards are the First Part of a Three Part Continuous Quality Improvement Process
1. Adoption of the Arizona Quality Standards
2. Implementation of the Quality Assessment Tool (available later this year)
3. Participation in a Quality Professional Development System

Demonstrate your commitment to quality and the youth you serve by adopting the standards and sign the Make It Count Pledge.
Make It Count programs “LIFT” – Learn, Implement, Fine-Tune and Teach – their programs to new heights of quality using the Arizona Quality Standards for Out-of-School Time Programs. Hundreds of programs across the state have already signed the pledge. What are YOU waiting for?

Sign today and receive Make It Count Posters, in English and Spanish, to display at your site. Visit to see the Make It Count
programs you’ll be joining in the quest for quality.

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