College Success Arizona’s Year in Review 2020

| August 11, 2020
College Success Arizona is pleased to share our 2019-20 Year in Review. This digital report highlights what we’ve done during the past academic year to support students and families in Arizona. It provides an overview of our core programs and their impact, showcases the new programs and initiatives we’ve launched, and, happily, celebrates our recent graduates, all of whom have shown inspiring persistence in the face of extraordinary circumstances.
College Success Arizona Resiliency Fund Update: Week 14
This past year for College Success Arizona has been among the most influential in our organization’s history. With the ripple effects of the pandemic permeating all aspects of our lives, College Success Arizona was able to adapt and redouble our efforts to support college access and student success. The Arizona Postsecondary Student Resiliency Fund, which we launched in partnership with Helios Education Foundation, is representative of this commitment and has provided much needed support for students and families throughout the state.
In addition to this direct response to COVID-19, we also expanded our core efforts to provide programs and services that contribute to increased college access and attainment in Arizona. We launched new projects to help high schoolers learn about their college options, helped develop innovative ways to connect students and families with information about the FAFSA, and provided the scholarships and mentioning that are at the heart of our work.
In conclusion,
It is clear to us that helping more students go to and graduate from college is one of the most important ways we can ensure a bright, prosperous future for all Arizonans. This is why College Success Arizona works to expand college access and increase college attainment in our state.
We are grateful for your ongoing engagement and support, and, in the 2020-21 academic year, we look forward to doing all that we can to ensure student success.
Rich Nickel, President & CEO


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