College Success Arizona — ‘Promising’ bill moving through AZ legislature

| February 23, 2021
We are excited to share information about an important bill currently working its way through the Arizona legislature. Introduced by Senator Boyer, Senate Bill 1508 would create the Arizona Promise Scholarship Program. 
The Arizona Promise Program would provide financial aid to Arizona high school students who are low-income, graduate with a GPA of at least 2.5, complete the FAFSA, and are pursuing a degree from an Arizona university, tribal college or community colleges, and meet other requirements. The bill provides $50 million for the program.
The Arizona Promise Program would establish a need-based financial aid program, which would be a first for the state of Arizona. It would expand access to Arizona low-income students and likely many students of color by decreasing their overall cost of attendance as they work to pursue a college degree.
The bill passed out of the Senate Education Committee earlier this week and awaits a hearing in Senate Appropriations. College Success Arizona is supportive of this bill as it is a critical step toward reaching the statewide attainment goal of 60 percent by 2030.
We will keep you informed as the bill progresses through the legislative process. 

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