College Readiness of Arizona High School Juniors

| July 8, 2015

By Paul Perrault • Director of Research & Evaluation • Helios Education Foundation

The ACT college entrance examination is one of the most important steps that Arizona students can take toward entering postsecondary education.  First, it provides students with individualized information around college and career readiness by subject.  Second, the examination also provides students with an opportunity to think about their career aspirations, consider postsecondary opportunities, and be eligible for need-based financial aid.

The ACT college exanimation is also an important tool for schools, districts and states to gain insight into the college and career readiness of its student population.  Schools and districts can then use the data to drive changes in instructional practice or to modify their curriculum to improve student achievement.  The state, on the other hand, can measure student performance in comparison to national averages and then use that information to drive educational policy changes.

For the past seven years, Helios Education Foundation has supported ACT testing in 14 Arizona school districts so that it and its partner districts can have a greater understanding of college readiness for Arizona students.

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