Coconino High School to hold one-day TPRS language workshop on Nov. 2

| October 29, 2019

FLAGSTAFF — Coconino High School to hold a one-day TPRS language workshop from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2.

The event will include a special presentation by Von Ray.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Share this information with ESL/SEI and second language teachers in your area.

What is TPRS?

TPRS® is a method of s​econd-language teaching that uses highly-interactive stories to provide comprehensible input and create an immersion-like environment. TPRS® maximizes the input in the classroom by making the input comprehensible, repetitive and interesting

What is Comprehensible Input?

Comprehensible Input is most famously discussed through the many works of Dr. Stephen Krashen.  “The Comprehension Hypothesis says that we acquire language when understand messages, oral and written.  When we develop linguistic competence in this way, our goal is i usually not to acquire language but to understand the message. The development of the language competence is a by-product.”

A little bit about our speaker:

Von is the son of the creator of TPRS®, Blain Ray. While experimenting with Total Physical Response, Blaine Ray began to develop TPR Storytelling. Von learned TPRS® from his father. He taught middle school and high school Spanish for several years in California. Von is a seasoned presenter and has given TPRS® presentations in 35 states and three foreign countries in various settings. Von will have a 45 minute session in ACTFL 2019 but we are going to have him for a day!

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Workshop agenda

 Introduction to R.I.C.H. Input and TPRS demonstration (Classroom Management and Brain Breaks)                   Communication Skills for providing Comprehensible Input (Circling and Triangling)                                                           Variety in TPRS (PQA, MovieTalk and PictureTalk)                                                                                                                     Reading and Discussing (short stories and readers)                                                                                                                 Small Group and large group practices

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Please include the language you teach in your registration.

Feel free to send me an email if you have questions. Don’t miss this opportunity. Share this information with ESL/SEI and second language teachers in your area.

Contact Francy Solarte at for more information.

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