City Rezoning Public Meeting

| February 18, 2014

A few months ago an out of town developer announced that they want to build a multi-story student housing development in La Plaza Vieja neighborhood that would evict almost 200 low income residents from their homes. On Wednesday, February 19, at 6:00 p.m. at the Double Tree Hotel (1175 W. rte. 66, Flagstaff) the city of Flagstaff is holding a public meeting for local residence to hear future plans and to let their voice be heard. If you are unable to make the meeting or wish want to do more some of the ways which you are able to help is to write or inform media about the issue. Some local resources to do that is to contact AZ Daily Sun, the NAU Lumberjack, or KNAU. If you want to expresses your concerns, contact the Planning and Zoning Commission at

Background information:

-Many of the Arrowhead Village residents cannot move their trailers (which they own) and will likely not be able to find another place they can afford to live in Flagstaff if this rezoning is approved and they are forced to leave their homes

-Over 50 units of affordable housing will be lost if this rezoning is approved

-Many Plaza Vieja neighbors (not living in Arrowhead Village) are concerned with increased traffic through a small neighborhood that already has traffic problems, increased police calls due to unruly students (FPD responding to NAU student problems!), and a multi-story building that will block their view of the peaks

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