Children’s Action Alliance — What’s missing from the Governor’s budget?

| January 25, 2022


The Governor’s budget misses key provisions that would help Arizona’s children and families in a pandemic. Aside from initiatives that were developed or enhanced with temporary federal COVID relief funding, there is little mention of increasing access to health care and affordable housing in the proposal. The budget proposal doesn’t address health care coverage for oral health, postpartum care, other basic and preventative health care needs, and affordable housing as Arizona families are facing eviction with a great deal of uncertainty about where they will be able to live.  

And oddly, the Governor did not mention, neither in his State of the State address nor in his budget presentation, the most pressing issue facing the state right now – the education spending cap. Without action, school districts across the state will be required to return millions of dollars back to the general fund in the middle of the current school year due to an outdated constitutional spending cap. A perfect storm of factors has converged, some directly related to the pandemic, which will put Arizona’s public schools $1.2B OVER the cap. As a result, schools will be forced to close or forced to make drastic cuts that will impact the quality of education children receive. 

In the coming weeks, CAA will provide an in-depth analysis of the Governor’s budget highlighting programs that will truly help and hurt Arizona children and families. 

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