Children’s Action Alliance urges public to voice opinion on ESA school voucher legislation

| February 23, 2016


caaThe Children’s Action Alliance is urging the public to voice its opinion on the ESA school voucher legislation which is schedule for a vote in the Arizona House on Feb. 24.

“We need your help, and we need it immediately. Tomorrow, the state House will vote on the expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA), HB 2482. These ESAs are vouchers that give parents a debit card with money they can spend on tutoring, private school, home school, or anything they say is for their child’s education,” the Alliance reported in a media release.

“Right now, they are limited to students who meet certain criteria, but HB 2482 would open the door for any student to use, with no success measures nor accountability attached. These vouchers come with  NO student assessments, NO report cards for the educational programs, NO teacher evaluations.  HB 2482 would expand ESA vouchers to every student in Arizona, without any way to make sure those dollars are being spent wisely. In effect, ESA vouchers will undermine public schools, at a time when public education is struggling to meet high expectations with massive cuts in funding.

“While there is widespread support for temporary funding in Proposition 123, it means nothing if efforts to take money away from public schools and divert it to private education through HB 2482 are successful.

“We need you to be a voice for Arizona children and write your representatives NOW to urge them to vote NO on HB 2482. Thank you.”

Expect More Arizona has also provided information about the bill:


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