Children’s Action Alliance — SAVE THE DATE: March 8 – Support oral health for the whole family at the Capitol

| January 24, 2023

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Research has shown that oral health is a core part of overall health, shaping well-being at every age. Dental disease can harm heart, and lungs, complicate diabetes, and even impact cognitive abilities as everyone gets older. Good oral health is also important in ensuring healthy pregnancies and thriving children.  Untreated dental disease may lead to complications such as preeclampsia—a potentially fatal blood pressure condition, preterm delivery, and lower birth weight babies. Additionally, children are much more likely to have cavities if their birth parent has untreated cavities or tooth loss, and they are much more likely to miss school due to pain in the mouth.In Arizona, over two million adults, over the age of 21 who participate in AHCCCS, do not have a dental benefit for preventative services.



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