Children’s Action Alliance — SAVE THE DATE: Jan. 24, 2024 – Early Childhood Day at the Capitol

| November 14, 2023


Join us on January 22, 2024 for the 8th annual AZECA Early Childhood Day at the Capitol. This is YOUR opportunity to show our policy makers that we need to invest in early education. And this year it’s more important than ever. Arizona is facing a funding cliff that will put our progress on things like eliminating the wait list and increasing reimbursement rates at risk. These costs will be pushed on to families already struggling to pay the costs of care. We are hoping to get a great turn out this year to let our legislators know that Child Care is Everyone’s “Business”. The old “status quo” doesn’t exist anymore and we CANNOT go back to the old system.

Funding AZ’s early care and education (ECE) system is key to helping children, families, and the economy succeed. The facts are clear: supporting quality child care and ECE improves family well-being, strengthens communities, and grows our state’s prosperity.


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