Children’s Action Alliance Requests Support: Let’s Unite Around Improving CPS!

| April 28, 2014

In preparation for the Special Legislative Session on CPS to create the Department of Child Safety and Family Services (DCSFS),  Children’s Action Alliance (CAA) would like to be very visible as united, concerned communities by sending a loud and clear message to legislators that we all support and demand the structure and resources needed to truly protect children, assure their well-being, and secure safe and permanent homes for children in Arizona.
To this end, CCC&Y and CAA request your support of their efforts by simply signing-on to a message and full page ad that will be in the Capitol Times, an independent newspaper that focuses on political and legislative issues, and that is read by all legislators. They are NOT asking for contributions to pay for the ad, just your authorization to list your agency or organization.
As the bill to create DCSFS is still being drafted, and the expected budget request has not yet been shared, they do not have the final text of the ad’s message, but you get the gist of what the message will entail.
If you and your agency can sign-on to this message, or have specific questions, please contact Amy Kobeta, Vice President of Children’s Action Allianceno later than May 7th and give her the exact wording and spelling of how your organization/agency should be listed:

This is a very easy, very significant way for all of us to participate in state level policy.  Please do your part in supporting Arizona’s children!

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