Children’s Action Alliance introduces Arizona Center for Economic Progress

| January 9, 2017

By the Children’s Action Alliance 

As we begin a new year, Children’s Action Alliance is pleased to launch the Arizona Center for Economic Progress. This new venture will bring together a diverse coalition of community leaders from across the state to collaborate on public policies and solutions to nurture good jobs and build strong communities.  The Center will have a long-term focus that gets to the real foundations for economic growth, including an educated workforce supported by strong public K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions and up-to-date infrastructure that fosters business growth.

Headed by attorney and former state legislator David Lujan, the Center will identify the best recipe for growing Arizona’s economy and will advocate to ensure that lawmakers are enacting balanced tax and budget policies so that we are able to properly invest in those identified priorities.

The Center has also released three policy briefs focusing on the Arizona state budget; the federal budget and its impact on Arizona’s economy; and lessons Arizona can learn from Kansas tax cuts which have failed to spur jobs and economic growth.

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