Children’s Action Alliance — Help us heal Arizona children

| December 7, 2021

This year has been a difficult one for Arizona’s children. They have experienced isolation and grief. They have watched parents lose their jobs during the pandemic.  

Despite federal action, in Arizona, many families continue to struggle to meet their basic housing, food, and health care needs. The threats to children and families can seem relentless at times.  

Yet, because of you, year after year Children’s Action Alliance relentlessly fights the good fight for children and families at the Arizona Capitol and in our community. We are so grateful to have supporters like you who are equally relentless in stepping up time and time again to do what is right for Arizona children.

Will you join us to bring about the healing we all want to see by donating today?  

We were victorious as plaintiffs in litigation to stop dozens of harmful, unrelated policies that were thrown into the state budget at the last minute – including a law that would have prohibited schools from doing what is best for the health of their students by requiring masks.  

Thankfully, future legislative sessions will need to be more transparent and accountable by making lawmakers consider one bill at a time instead of logrolling them together to buy votes for the budget.  

Please help us advance smart policies with a gift for Arizona children.  

As you know, advocating for children in the courts, in the community, and at the state capitol is an ongoing challenge. We need your support to urge lawmakers to invest in families. Let’s work to give children the conditions they need to flourish and create an Arizona where all families can thrive.  

Thank you!



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