Children’s Action Alliance — Farewell, for Now…

| September 3, 2019

Dana Wolfe Naimark

By Children’s Action Alliance (CAA)

Dear Friends,

Today is my last day as CEO of Children’s Action Alliance.
I have been extraordinarily privileged to travel this road of child advocacy together with you for the past 27 years.  It has been a journey filled with diverse challenges, heart-wrenching realities, and happy steps forward. The heart and soul of advocacy is focusing on what brings people together and I thank you for all of the inspiration, commitment, honesty, and long, hard work you contribute to Arizona’s children and families.

Our new CEO, Siman Qaasim, brings a powerful combination of values and skills that will shape the future of child advocacy in Arizona.  I know she and the entire board and staff team are ready to join with you to reach new milestones on the road to children’s health, education and security.

No matter what I decide to do next, I will remain a steadfast champion for Children’s Action Alliance and will stay active in our shared work to give more Arizona families the chance to thrive.



Editor’s Note: Dana is no longer with Children’s Action Alliance and Siman Qaasim is the new President & CEO.  Siman Qaasim can be contacted at

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