Children’s Action Alliance — Arizona’s legislators missed a unique opportunity this legislative session

| July 20, 2021

Arizona’s legislators had a unique opportunity this legislative session.  The pandemic did not result in state revenues falling to the $1 billion deficit that was expected.  Instead, analysts projected there was more than $1 billion in ongoing, unobligated revenues plus nearly $3 billion in one-time cash.  These funds could have been used to invest in Arizona’s future.  From public schools to health care to state highways, many opportunities exist to make improvements that would have long-lasting impacts on our state.  Instead, the legislature squandered this opportunity and passed record-breaking tax cuts that reduce revenue so much the tax cuts cannot be fully phased in until after fiscal year 2024.   

We have information about changes to General Fund appropriations for programs that benefit Arizona’s families.  Included are some of the missed opportunities –  what else could have been done for everyday Arizonans rather than the few that will receive significant tax increases.  We also include information about the Department of Corrections’ budget not only because it has become the third-largest state agency as far as General Fund dollars are concerned, but also because many Arizona families are impacted when a family member is incarcerated. 



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