Children’s Action Alliance announces support for Prop. 123

| March 23, 2016

Mark Your Calendars to Vote YES on Prop 123 in May

By Children’s Action Alliance (CAA)

Children’s Action Alliance is pleased to join organizations across Arizona to support Proposition 123. Students will benefit from funds that can be used to update textbooks and technology, support quality teachers, promote third grade reading, and achieve greater proficiency in science and math skills.

Proposition 123 is not a revolutionary leap forward for public education. It is simply a temporary plan to settle a lawsuit over funding to help schools keep up with rising costs. While we campaign for its passage we also expect our elected leaders to adopt a long term, sustainable plan for education funding.

Governor Ducey and state legislators are hearing the message that our votes for Proposition 123 won’t mean much at all if they continue to cut school budgets and shrink state revenues with their current votes at the capitol.

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