Children’s Action Alliance 2020 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

| July 7, 2020
Hi Friend,

Elections have consequences. Perhaps, this year more than any other, this statement rings true. The legislators  we elect  this November will shape Arizona‘s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn.  When they take office in January, legislators will have to contend with a budget shortfall currently projected at over $500 million for FY2021. They will also have the opportunity to make policy that addresses structural and systemic racism and pursue a path of racial justice for Arizona’s children.

Children’s Action Alliance is proud to provide non-partisan information to educate voters about children’s health, education, and security and to help you connect with the candidates who share your priorities. As an independent voice for Arizona children at the state capitol and in the community, CAA does not support or oppose candidates for public office. We have invited all candidates for the legislature to complete  our questionnaire and to let us know where they stand on these important  issues. We hope this is a useful resource as you prepare to  cast your  vote. As election day draws closer, make sure candidates know that children’s issues are a top priority for you!

Children’s Action Alliance
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