CCC&Y Encourages your YES VOTE for Road Safety – Prop 403 and Prop 406

| October 21, 2014

The CCC&Y Board of Directors has voted to support the County Road Maintenance Sales Tax Initiative (Proposition 403) and the City of Flagstaff Road Repair and Street Safety Initiative ( Proposition 406).  Following our strategic plan, CCC&Y continues to address priorities related to the health, safety, and development of children and youth.  We encourage your YES VOTE, ensuring quality, safe roads that support our kiddos and families.


Coconino County maintains about 1,000 miles of roads, most of which serve as important school bus and car routes for getting our kids safely to school.

Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) school buses travel between 8,000 and 10,000 miles per day, many of those miles on County roads. Well maintained  roads provide safe and timely travel for children and their families.

Poorly maintained roads, particularly during winter snow conditions, can result in delayed start school days or school closures.  This not only prevents students from valuable classroom instruction time, but increases stress on our working families who then need to find quality child care or stay home from work.

Longer travel times and poor road conditions increase school transportation costs  increasing the number of school buses required and the costs to maintain them.  Increased costs like these, decrease the funds available for other educational resources.

The current combined sales tax rate is 8.446%.  If voters approve both the County and City proposed sales taxes, then the total combined tax rate will change to 8.951%, still  less than 9 percent.  A total increase of .505%.

Please inform yourself on these two important ballot initiatives by opening these FACT SHEETS:
County FACT Sheet
City FACT Sheet

Additional information can also be found on the City and County websites:
County Proposition Information
City Proposition Information


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