Education Spotlight: Board taps Navajo Nation educator for County Superintendent of Schools. See more local education news here

| November 11, 2019

Dr. Tommy Lewis. Courtesy photo.

FLAGSTAFF — The Coconino County Board of Supervisors selected Dr. Tommy Lewis as the new Superintendent of Schools. The Board confirmed the appointment during the regular Board meeting on Nov. 5 and Dr. Lewis will begin his service on Nov. 18.

Dr. Lewis replaces Dr. Risha VanderWey, who began serving as the Tuba City School District Superintendent in August. Dr. Lewis’ term runs until Dec. 31, 2020. A primary and general election will be held in 2020 for a new term beginning in 2021.

“The Board interviewed many talented and highly deserving candidates for the position,” said Chair of the Board of Supervisors Lena Fowler. “We’re happy to welcome Dr. Lewis who brings a vast amount of experience and expertise to our County. Through his leadership in education, he will help nurture the County’s most valuable resource – our children.”

Currently, Dr. Lewis is the Superintendent of Schools for the Navajo Nation Department of Dine’ Education, which he’s held since 2015. He has over 30 years of experience in education as the President of Dine’ College on Navajo Nation and Northwest Indian College in Washington. He was also the Superintendent of Greyhills Academy High School and Associate of Superintendent and Principal for the Coconino County Accommodation School District.

“I’m honored the Board selected me as the new Coconino County Superintendent of Schools,” said Dr. Lewis. “I’ve dedicated my career to furthering the education of children and look forward to continuing that work with Coconino County. I believe that the Superintendent’s leadership sets the tone for the entire district and serves as the main connection between the community, the teachers and the schools. I will work to build that trust throughout the County and improve programs and provide clear direction.” 

Dr. Lewis earned his doctorate in education leadership at NAU and is a certified teacher, principal and superintendent by the state of Arizona. He received his master’s degree and his bachelor’s degree at NAU as well.

The Coconino County Education Service Agency (CCESA) provides education services for students in Coconino County, from pre-school through grade 12, ensuring that they receive an exemplary education.  CCESA provides education services in the areas of political advocacy, community and professional development, school elections and financial services. It also provides direct school services through the County Accommodation District. 


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