Bilingual report — Aug. 24 — North Country HealthCare to present ‘Understanding Bullying 2.0’

| August 23, 2021

By North Country HealthCare

North Country HealthCare will present “Understanding Bullying 2.0:” 

When: “The Shed” @ Williams Recreation Center 320 E. Railroad Ave. Williams AZ 86046

Where: Saturday 7/24, 10a – 12p
Why: To educate the Williams community about the bullying trends & it’s harmful effects

Also in Attendance:

• Outreach & Enrollment
• Well Woman HealthCheck Program • Maternal & Child health

Contact J. Jonathan Benitez, LPC, LMHC Behavioral Health Integration Manager, at for more information.



creando comunidades más amigables


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Escanéame El Acoso 2.0

Dónde: “The Shed” @ Williams Recreation Center 320 E. Railroad Ave. Williams AZ 86046

Cuándo: sábado 24/7, 12:30p – 1:30p

Por qué: Educar a la comunidad Williams sobre la tendencias de acoso y sus efectos dañosos

También en Asistencia:

• Difusión y inscripción
• Programa Well Woman HealthCheck

• Salud maternoinfantil

J. Jonathan Benitez, LPC, LMHC
Gerente de integración de salud conductual



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