Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff seeking Program Director, School Based Mentoring Program Coordinator

| August 27, 2019

By Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff is seeking to fill the following positions:

  • TITLE: Program Director
  • STATUS: Fulltime/Exempt
  • RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director
  • APPOINTMENT: Executive Director
  • WAGE RANGE: $35,000 – $40,000 DOE
  • BENEFITS: Health Eligible with 50% employee contribution


Education:  Program Director (hereafter referred to as PD) must have a Bachelor of Science degree, or a bachelor’s degree in a related field. BSW and MSW preferred.

Skills:  PD must have two years of increasingly responsible social services work experience. Must have a minimum of one-year management, supervisory or administrative experience. Use of “Salesforce” system a plus.

Personal:  PD must be mature and be able to convey warmth and acceptance. 

PD must have ability to develop good rapport quickly with others, and must be in agreement with philosophy of Agency.  PD must be flexible and have a sense of humor and must have willingness for continued personal and professional development.

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  • TITLE: SBM Program Coordinator
  • STATUS: 30-35 hours per week, Part-Time Exempt or Part-Time Non-exempt (at the discretion of the Executive Director)
  • RESPONSIBLE TO: Program Director and Executive Director
  • APPOINTMENT: Program Director and Executive Director
  • WAGE RANGE: $15.00 – $16.00 DOE
  • BENEFITS:  Health Eligible with 50% employee contribution


Education:  SBM Program Coordinator (hereafter referred to as PC) must have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

Skills:  PC must be able to develop public contact and communication skills.  PC must have the ability to manage day to day operations for the school-based mentoring program.  PC must have the ability to form and sustain appropriate child, adult volunteer-based relationships based on positive youth development and volunteer satisfaction, effectively assess and execute the following relational support skills: guiding, supporting, confronting, advising and/or negotiating; relate well in multicultural environments; effectively collaborate with other volunteer match staff, use time effectively; and focus on details. Must be able to develop the ability to collect meaningful data and draw solid conclusions.  PC must demonstrate effective writing and verbal skills.  PC must represent the agency in a professional manner and must be able to demonstrate initiative, responsibility and accountability.  PC should have a car, valid driver’s license, and meet state required automobile insurance minimums.  PC should have some computer experience with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Personal:  PC must be mature, able to convey warmth and acceptance, and be able to establish rapport with clients and volunteers.  PC must be in agreement with the philosophy of BBBS of Flagstaff.  PC must also be flexible and possess a sense of humor.

Position Summary: This position is responsible for overseeing all daily operations of the SBM program.  The PC assures that all program requirements are met, including meeting program, agency and grantor requirements. PC completes all required reports for the program.  PC assures that Customer Relations Specialist, Enrollment and Match Specialist and Match Support Specialist staff perform their duties as they relate to SBM program. PC reports regularly to Program Director and Executive Director regarding status of the program. The successful incumbent will produce positive outcomes in the following areas: required program match numbers, match support contacts completed, frequency of match closures, average match length, match closure rate, volunteer rematch rate, and customer satisfaction. 

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