AzCentral Our View: AzMERIT scores aren’t great, but don’t freak out yet. Please see related stories

| July 19, 2017

Editorial: AzMERIT scores continue to improve – albeit slowly – despite monumental challenges. Schools deserve credit for that. And help.

By the Editorial board • The Republic /

Learning is a process. So is improving Arizona’s public education system.

That’s how Arizonans should view the unofficial statewide results that show continual – but gradual – improvement in AzMERIT test scores.

The results aren’t stellar. They don’t show dramatic gains. In fact, they are another reminder of the need to support public education.

But three years into testing based on tougher new academic standards, these unofficial results are in keeping with expectations. Experts told us this was going to take patience.

Arizona has committed time and resources to this process. We have to stick with it.

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