AZ WEEK: More Education Funding? It’s Up to Voters

| November 16, 2015

The governor’s $3.5 billion plan for education has support from the Legislature, but ultimately it’s up to the voters. A special election in May 2016 will determine whether the state can increase the money it takes from the State Land Trust Fund.

Arizona Week Friday looks into the details of the plan and why a constitutional change is necessary.

On the program:

  • Host Lorraine Rivera interviews Gov. Doug Ducey. “We had a lot of discussion, we had a lot of give and take, there was a lot of collaboration, and some weeks later we were able to announce what we did,” Ducey said of the process.
  • Former State Land Commissioner Vanessa Hickman explains how the State Land Trust functions.
  • Dan Hunting, a senior policy analyst at the Morrison Institute for Public Policy breaks down why pulling money from the State Land Trust is so complex.
  • Voters will go the polls in May to vote on the funding plan, which has been named Proposition 123. Secretary of State Michele Reagan explains.

Watch the video here.

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