AZ Afterschool Directory

| May 14, 2016
The Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence is promoting the AZ Afterschool Program Directory to communities and parents around the state. If you update your program on the Directory, not only will you have greater visibility in your community, but you will be entered to win rocket kits for your program!
You have an account on the Directory, but you do not have any programs on the map, which means that no one can find information about your program when they search.
You can proceed to the Provider Log In page (and reset the password via the link on that page) to gain access to the Directory.
Once you log in, you will need to add new location(s) to the Directory and then you can proceed to add your program information into the tool. Once you save, it won’t immediately be editable because it needs to be verified in the system, but you will get an email notification once it’s published. If you only enter a location, there is no contact information for your program and the entry will be automatically deleted without programs attached when database maintenance is done.

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