Aug. 5 — Poly Support Group in Flagstaff

| August 2, 2021

By Cultivate Counseling

Various forms of consensually non-monogamous relationships offer the possibilities to find abundance in our lives and to meet a full range of our relational needs. They can also bring to the surface issues such as jealousy, insecurity, communication barriers and boundary difficulties. This group provides space for intentional reflection surrounding the types of relationships we create along with opportunities for skill building, reflection, and processing around our own needs and how to communicate them effectively. Specific skills that will take focus include learning one’s attachment needs/styles, communication skills, and creating security within ourselves and others.

Facilitated by Dunya Cope, LPC
This is an open and free therapeutic group (members can join at any point) Thursdays @ 5:15pm at Cultivate Counseling Downtown Beginning August 5, 2021

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