Arizona Public Media reports: Prop 123: Teachers See Relief; Opponents See Challenges

| April 27, 2016

By Mariana Dale • Arizona Public Media 

Sunnyside (Tucson) fifth-grade teacher Mary Ann Jester said she hasn’t had a raise in eight years.

That’s part of the reason she spent a Saturday in April pounding “Vote Yes on Prop 123” signs into Tucson street corners. …

South of Tucson, the Vail school district plans to give retention bonuses and buy teachers new computers if the measure passes.

That isn’t enough to convince Vail parent Heather Morzinski to vote yes in May.

“My kids are in kindergarten and first grade, they’re very young,” Morzinski said. “When Prop 123 is over in 10 years my kids will be in high school and all of a sudden there is no funding to cover that.”

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