Arizona Education Association — March 7 Legislative Update

| March 10, 2020

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Restore School Funding TAKE ACTION

Great job, activists! Thanks to your efforts last week, SB1234 passed in the House Education Committee. Next step is getting it through the House Appropriations Committee. SB1234 would fully restore District Additional Assistance, a goal AEA has worked towards since it was first cut. This does not make the education budget whole, nor does it address the need for permanent and stable funding for our students’ education, but this is still a huge victory for AEA members and a testament to their commitment to quality public education.

Please take a moment to ask House Appropriations Committee members to support SB1234.

Stop Voucher Expansion Bill TAKE ACTION

Another bill on the agenda for House Appropriations Committee would expand the state’s private school voucher program to allow students on reservations to attend a private school from an adjacent state within 2 miles of the boundary. Vouchers take away valuable resources from our public schools and make it difficult to solve our state’s teacher shortage problem. Contact House Appropriations Committee members and ask them to vote NO on SB1224.

Spring Break at the Capitol RSVP

AEA Members: Join us at the Capitol on March 10 or 17. AEA Lobbyist Stephanie Parra will brief AEA members on legislation being considered this session. This is your opportunity to observe the process, meet with your legislator to share your stories of working in public schools and how their decisions will affect our colleagues, our schools, and our teachers. Elected officials determine our salaries, set student testing requirements, and appropriate funds – educators will get out of politics just as soon as politicians get out of education. Learn more at

INVESTinED Petition Hub RSVP

AEA will also be hosting an INVESTinED Petition Hub during our Spring Break visits to the Capitol. Pick up or return petitions in the Rose Garden from 9AM-4PM on March 10 and March 17. We will have notaries on site.


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