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| February 4, 2020

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AEA’s Analysis of Governor’s Budget

AEA has reviewed the Governor’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Executive Education Budget Proposal, a $12.3 billion package where education continued to be touted as the top priority issue. Governor Doug Ducey has outlined his funding priorities for FY2021 and now must negotiate with the Arizona Legislature to finalize the budget. Read AEA’s summary of the budget and what Arizona educators need to know as the legislative session gets rolling.

Guns on Campus Bill Held

Great job, activists! Thanks to your work, HB2031 was held in House Public Safety Committee. Providing a safe learning environment for our students is our number one priority and this legislation would have put our students and colleagues at risk.

Oppose Voucher Bill SB1224 TAKE ACTION

Arizona is ranked at the bottom when it comes to education funding, and the state’s private school voucher program forces taxpayers to fund two school systems at a time when our state is struggling to fund one. SB1224 would expand the state’s private school voucher program to allow students on reservations to attend a private school from an adjacent state within 2 miles of the boundary. SB1224 is being heard in Senate Education Committee on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

Vouchers take away valuable resources from our public schools and make it difficult to solve our state’s teacher shortage problem. Contact the Senate Education Committee Members to support more funding for public schools and oppose any legislation that expands Arizona’s private school voucher program.

Trust Teachers to Teach TAKE ACTION

Also, on Tuesday February 4, 2020, at 2PM, the Senate Education Committee will hear a bill that will limit the ability of teachers to use their professional judgment in order to do their jobs in the classroom. SB1357 seeks to micromanage teachers and add further bureaucracy by requiring board approval for all curriculum. Due to lack of state funding, curriculum is often outdated and many teachers use their own time and resources to find or create supplemental materials. Teachers need to be free to be creative and flexible in order to meet students’ individual needs.

Arizona is facing a crushing teacher shortage and this bill would drive more teachers out of the classroom. Contact Senate Education committee members and ask them to treat teachers with the respect they deserve as professionals. Trust teachers to do their jobs and oppose SB1357.

Superintendent Hoffman Presentation

On Monday, February 3, at 2PM, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman will be presenting her state of education address for the House Education Committee. Watch for a live stream link on our Facebook and Twitter.

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