Arizona Education Association (AEA) — Legislative Update (Feb. 29)

| March 3, 2020

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Protect Democracy TAKE ACTION

Lawmakers are attacking the constitutional rights of Arizona citizens with legislation that would create extreme burdens to getting measures on the ballot. The citizens’ initiative process has become a pillar of Arizona’s democracy. Attempts to dilute or weaken this process is an attack on our direct democracy.

HCR2039 would mandate that the signatures required to propose a statewide ballot measure come from every single legislative district. This would make it much more difficult for initiatives to qualify for the ballot. It would also give any single legislative district veto power over the rest of the state, allowing a small minority (the most conservative or liberal district in the state) to veto measures that have broad support.

HCR2032 would require ballot initiatives to focus on only one subject, which would make it harder and more expensive to achieve policy goals. This bill has already passed in the House and is making its way over to the Senate.

The people elect legislators to represent the will of the people. The initiative and referendum process is a barometer of our will, resulting in the Prop 301 Classroom Site Fund, raising the minimum wage, and the future Invest in Education Act. Bills like HCR2039 and HCR2032 seek to subvert the will of the people and strip us of our power.

Contact your legislator and tell them to protect your constitutional right and vote NO on HCR2039 and HCR2032!

Restore School Funding TAKE ACTION

For over a decade, District Additional Assistance hasn’t been fully funded (90% withheld at its lowest point). During that time, AEA and education activists have rallied to restore this budget that funds school capital needs like textbooks, desks, and paper. When lawmakers sought to permanently reduce this formula by $249 million, AEA fought to protect District Additional Assistance’s budgeted amount. Even though legislators have not funded the formula, we hoped this budget would be restored in the future. When the state started restoring funding this budget, AEA pushed to accelerate the restoration faster.

SB1234 would fully restore District Additional Assistance, a goal AEA has worked towards since it was first cut. This does not make the education budget whole, nor does it address the need for permanent and stable funding for our students’ education, but this is still a huge victory for AEA members and a testament to their commitment to quality public education.

Please take a moment to ask House Education Committee members to support SB1234.

Support Special Education Funding TAKE ACTION

Arizona’ special education funding formula hasn’t been updated in forty years and the current funding isn’t sufficient to cover the true cost of special education needs. On Monday, House Education Committee is hearing SB1060, which would increase funding for Special Education resources and services. Our students are in need of this funding and we urge you to contact House Education Committee members and ask them to vote YES on SB1060.

Spring Break at the Capitol RSVP

AEA Members: Join us at the Capitol on March 10 or 17. AEA Lobbyist Stephanie Parra will brief AEA members on legislation being considered this session. This is your opportunity to observe the process, meet with your legislator to share your stories of working in public schools and how their decisions will affect our colleagues, our schools, and our teachers. Elected officials determine our salaries, set student testing requirements, and appropriate funds – educators will get out of politics just as soon as politicians get out of education. Learn more at

INVESTinED: Get the Facts

Hundreds of Educators across the state are collecting petition signatures in order to get the Invest in Education Act on the 2020 ballot and $940 million into our schools. Learn more about this citizens’ initiative and where the money goes. Then, volunteer to collect signatures and change the future of public education and Arizona forever.

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