Arizona Education Association (AEA) — Legislative Update (Feb. 22)

| February 25, 2020

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After seeking review from Legislative Council, the Invest in Education Act coalition refiled its initiative last week and petitions are now ready to go! Sign up as a volunteer petition circulator and help us put the Invest in Education initiative onto the 2020 ballot and to get $940 million to our students and schools.

Trust Teachers to Teach TAKE ACTION

The Senate passed SB1357 and the bill is now making its way over to the House. This bill would require school districts to provide parents with access to all instructional materials that are currently being used or under consideration. “Instructional materials” are defined as anything created or published for school instruction, including classroom instruction, textbooks, websites, films, reading material, and all digital content and applications.

SB1357 will limit the ability of teachers to use their professional judgment in order to do their jobs in the classroom. This bill seeks to micromanage teachers and limit local control by adding further bureaucracy on school districts.

Due to lack of state funding, curriculum is often outdated and many teachers use their own time and resources to find or create supplemental materials. Teachers need to be free to be creative and flexible in order to meet students’ individual needs.

Arizona is facing a crushing teacher shortage and this bill would drive more teachers out of the classroom. Contact House Education Committee members and ask them to treat teachers with the respect they deserve as professionals. Trust teachers to do their jobs and oppose SB1357.

$671M in Tax Cuts = $671M in School Funding Cuts

Over a dozen tax cut bills are being discussed at legislature that will result in the loss of over $670 million from state revenue. Meanwhile 1,800 classrooms are without a full-time certified teacher our state is near the bottom when it comes to per-student funding. Instead of looking at ways provide permanent, stable funding for schools, lawmakers continue to prioritize tax cuts over our students. If we want to solve the teacher shortage problem and fund the schools our students deserve, then it’s going to be us to Invest in Education in Arizona.

Cross-Over Week

This week was the last week for bills to be heard in committee in their original House, so no committees are scheduled to meet next week. Instead, we will see a lot of floor action as bills get final votes before crossing over to the other chamber. If a bill did not get heard or passed in committee, it is effectively dead. However, a bill can always come back in an amendment, so keep an eye out on AEA’s Bill Watch List and our Action Center.

Ducey Backpedals Effort to Ban Sanctuary Cities

The Arizona Education Association welcomes the decision to end the debate on SCR1007 and HCR2306.  It speaks to the strength of community partners and leaders who want to move forward. Our focus must remain on the restoration of funding to our public schools, an Arizona priority repeatedly stated by voters.

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