Arizona Department Of Education Worries The Proposed $0 IT Budget Could Cost Them Employees

| March 8, 2017

By Carrie Jung • 91.5 KJZZ

After spending 15 years in the tech industry in the valley, Ed Block said he’s gotten used to recruiters calling him about open jobs.

“It used to be one or two a week,” he said. But that was then. Today, he fields more like three to four emails a day and a couple calls a week.

Block currently works at the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). His job, in layman’s terms, is to coordinate the IT department’s projects. He likes his job and doesn’t plan to follow up on those other offers, but added “it’s starting to get pretty spooky when, at this point, we don’t have a forward budget.”

Block is referring to the IT budget in Gov. Doug Ducey’s current budget proposal. Which, at this point, is zero, despite a request for almost $18 million to continue developing and maintaining a new student database program.

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