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| May 25, 2021
CAP Training: Summer Series 2021
May 24, 2021 – September 5, 2021
This 15-week course features all CAP Training Core Modules.
Register here as there are only a few tickets left!
CAP Training: Financial Aid & College Applications
June 7 – July 9, 2021
This module includes four sessions, which address financial literacy, financial aid, completing the FAFSA and preparing college applications. Register here.
Webinar: ECAP Best Practices for Implementation
June 15, 2 PM – 3 PM
Allowing space for students to participate in and create an Education Career Action Plan (ECAP) is a graduation requirement in Arizona.
ECAP is an ongoing process that empowers students to create a meaningful and individualized plan toward a postsecondary pathway. The ECAP process results in a student portfolio where students outline their secondary and postsecondary plans aligned to their career aspirations. The ECAP process portfolio has four attributes (academic, career, postsecondary, extracurricular) which should be documented, reviewed, and updated annually.
Join AzCAN, Amanda Nolasco from ADE, and three schools from around the state as they showcase how their ECAP action plan, lessons, and activities ensure students leave high school with a meaningful ECAP experience and portfolio.
Job Opportunities
STEP is looking for a Program Manager to work directly with high-achieving, low-income, first-generation college-bound high-school students and
their parents in the metropolitan Phoenix area to facilitate STEP’s College Prep and Leadership Program. Read more and apply here.
College Success Arizona is looking for a Senior Vice President of Communications and Community Engagement and a Salesforce Developer. Read more here.
Scholarship Opportunities
Pima Community College has multiple scholarship opportunities for students available until May 31. Apply today.
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