Arizona Center for Economic Progress + Children’s Action Alliance — Proposition 132 is a Dangerous Power-Grab That Will End Majority Rule in Arizona

| October 4, 2022


The Arizona Center for Economic Progress and Children’s Action Alliance urges voters to reject Proposition 132 by voting NO on this November’s ballot. Proposition 132 is a part of a series of tricks proposed by the Arizona legislature to convince voters to give up their power. Proposition 132 moves the goal post for passing initiatives and referendums from a simple majority to 60 percent, which would severely limit the ability of Arizonans to raise revenue and invest in their future.   

Since statehood, Arizonans have used their constitutional right to direct democracy – the initiative and referendum process – to voice and enact their priorities, especially when the legislature has failed to listen to voters. Arizonans voted directly to fund things like schools, healthcare, and early childhood development programs. Often a majority of voters, but less than 60 percent, passed these important ballot measures that raised revenue. Had Proposition 132 been in place, these would have failed.  

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