Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence update for Feb. 19 — Resilience Documentary Viewing (April 11 in Flagstaff)

| February 18, 2019
Resilience Documentary Viewing
AzCASE is offering 3 Dates & Locations in Arizona
Join us in Phoenix on Feb 26th, Tucson on Feb 28th, or Flagstaff on April 11th. Q&A with local experts immediately following the movie. $30 per person, seats filling fast – Register today!
“If I had to boil it down for one thing for people to learn from this science, its to totally put to bed forever this sense that children who are born under disadvantaged circumstances are doomed to poor life outcomes. The science is saying that’s just not true.”
– Dr. Jack Shonkoff, Pediatrician, Director, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University
Higher Ground
AzCASE is dedicated to helping programs provide quality programming to the youth in Arizona. We are always thrilled to hear about the great things happening all over our state. Sometimes,however, the news isn’t as good.
One of our amazing partners in Tucson, Higher Ground, A Resource Center has recently been overcome by a series of challenges related to ACHHS payments. As a result they have had to cut programming, furlough staff and make significant adjustments–all because of something out of their control. Higher Ground serves a huge need in Tucson supporting at-risk kids and as a community we cannot afford to have them close their doors.
Welcome to our New Board Member
Join us in welcoming David Smith to the AzCASE Board of Directors!
Dave is excited to serve the community by supporting the efforts of AzCASE and youth programs in Arizona. He brings his expertise and view points from his years as an attorney and is a great addition to the Board.
Training Sessions for Youth Program Staff and Leadership
Join us for our annual Spring PD – Multiple sessions to choose from!
Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence

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