Wed. April 3rd, 9-11 – Phoenix – CLASS Workshop -The Gender Game with Adam Brooks
  • Does brain development between genders impact behavior? Do girls and boys really think differently? How does this translate to your work with youth? In this workshop, Adam Brooks talks about the chemical changes happening inside youth brains. Learn how to implement research-based solutions when working with boys and girls. Many issues can be solved with a simple understanding of how their minds work.
Wed. April 3rd, 12-2 – Phoenix – Leadership Workshop – Modern Leadership with Adam Brooks
  • Leadership is constantly evolving to fit the needs of ever-changing generations. The 360-degree model of leadership continues to be been an effective way to build momentum and create a quality leader. Instead of leading from the top down, the 360-degree model allows you to lead your team from all directions.
Thurs. April 4th, 9-11 – Phoenix – CLASS Workshop – Using Problems as Learning Opportunities with Tessa Brock
  • Life is full of difficulties, yet our youth are increasingly unable to self-regulate and solve problems. When youth are struggling with a challenge (either on their own or with a peer), they need someone to coach them on self-regulation and guide them to learn to successfully problem solve. In this interactive session, we will explore strategies to support youth self-regulation and problem-solving skills, which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
Thurs. April 4th, 12-2 – Phoenix – Leadership Workshop – The Challenges of “Holding Spaces” with Tessa Brock
  • While we seek to “hold space” for those who are struggling and/or who have experienced trauma, we need to be aware of the load it can create on our own selves. In this interactive session, we will explore Vicarious Trauma, Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and identify strategies for Self-Care.
Tuesday April 9th, 9-11 – Phoenix – CLASS Workshop – Be like Lego’s My Friends with Manny Padia
  • In this session we will learn about communication and how building the connection between parents and kids will help us build a strong program. We will utilize fun activities to explore and grasp various concepts and theories and look deeper in to how these connections will help alleviate problems before they begin.
Tuesday April 9th, 12-2 – Phoenix – Leadership Workshop – Staff Recruitment & Retention Guidance with Manny Padia
  • Tammy Cohen said it best “a great employee is like a four-leaf clover. Hard to find and lucky to have”. In this workshop you will learn what you as a Leader can do to focus on staff retention and recruitment for your four-leaf clovers. Identify and examine the barriers such as hours, pay, and training that arise when trying to retain good quality staff. Explore options to assist in overcoming some of these barriers. You will also delve into procedures that other organizations and professions use for staff retention and recruitment to evaluate if they will work in your OST program.
Thurs. April 11th, 9-11 – Flagstaff – Resilience Documentary viewing with Panelist led Q&A session
  • Dive deeper into the ACES topic.  As the new documentary Resilience reveals,toxic stress can trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brains and bodies of children, putting them at a greater risk for disease, homelessness, prison time, and early death. Resilience also chronicles the dawn of a movement that is determined to fight back. Trailblazers in pediatrics, education, and social welfare are using cutting edge science and field tested therapies to protect children from the insidious effects of toxic stress and the dark legacy of a childhood that no child would choose. Stay after the viewing for a Q&A with local experts.
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