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| January 14, 2020
Registration Open
2020 Spring Professional Development Sessions!
We’ve put together workshops to give you and your staff a deeper dive on the hottest topics for youth program providers. 
Sessions for both staff (CLASS) and leadership are available – Register today, space is limited.
CLASS Workshops:
February 19th – El Mirage – 10am-Noon
Adam Brooks – What is Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning has become a buzz word in educational circles today but what exactly does it mean? In this workshop we break down the research behind social emotional learning and ways that it can be applied to varying settings for maximum impact on children.
February 20th – Tucson – 9am-11am 
Kara Largent -Playful Group Management
Join Playworks in a hands-on session where play is the focus. Attendees will walk away with new games to initiate in any space. During the session, we will teach and model several strategies to proactively engage students in order to decrease challenging behaviors and support a positive culture.
February 20th – Tucson – 12-2pm
Nick Monzi – NBA Math Hoops 
Learn Fresh and the Phoenix Suns have partnered to offer the NBA Math Hoops program to educators and students across the state of Arizona. The experience leverages a board game and NBA-themed curriculum to engage 4-8th grade students in fundamental math and social-emotional learning. All session attendees will have the opportunity to learn the game rules, explore the curriculum, discuss best practices for implementation, and sign up to join the program at no cost. As part of this unique experience, top participating students and educators will have the opportunity to earn rewards from the Suns and Learn Fresh, including apparel, special event access, and participation in the annual Suns Math Hoops tournament.
February 25th – Phoenix – 10am-Noon
Dr Bryan Harris – The Strategies for Youth Who Drive You Nuts
This workshop focuses on strategies that are effective when working with, unmotivated, and reluctant youth in your program. Research will be shared that offer glimpses into why some youth exhibit difficult behaviors and participants are provided with numerous, specific strategies that have been proven effective.
February 26th – Phoenix – 10am-Noon
Manuel Padia – Tough Conversations with Youth
Learn how to tackle the tough conversations you need to have with the youth in your program.
Leadership Workshops:
February 20th – Phoenix – 10am-Noon
Corey Pruitt – Sparking Creativity and Innovation in Others
LinkedIn states “Creativity is the single most important skill in the world.” Creative problem solving sessions with groups that have even a minimal amount of training in creativity tools and principles generated 350% as many ideas than groups without training. Through a mix of information, activities and application, participants will gain insight and a research-based toolset to spark creativity and innovation in others.
February 27th – Chandler – 10am-Noon
Lori Robinson –  Relationships Matter
Stress is pervasive in our society and no one is immune. Trauma-Informed Care is the global movement committed to understanding the science of toxic stress and creating environments that are responsive to the needs of individuals with trauma histories and the professionals who serve them. Self-Care is vital to the health and well-being of all professionals. In this workshop you will learn the principles of trauma-informed care, identify symptoms of trauma and damaging stress, and recognize protective factors that build resilience personally and professionally.
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