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| October 8, 2019

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Resources for high-quality, informal STEM programming 
STEM Track Expands to 11 Workshops

Thanks to support from Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, AzCASE has expanded our STEM Track at the 2019 School’s Out, Make It Count Conference to include 11 STEM-focused workshops. Join us October 19th to learn activity ideas and instructional methods for bringing quality STEM into out-of-school time settings. 

View all workshops & get your team registered on our website here.
[LISTEN] One Small Hop On The Magic School Bus, One Giant Leap For STEM Education
When ‘The Magic School Bus’ premiered on PBS in September 1994, Mrs. Frizzle – the fire-haired teacher with a penchant for matching her wardrobe to her lesson plans – was a game-changer. With her frequent field trips to destinations like the digestive system and other planets, Mrs. Frizzle inspired generations of kids to love science. In addition to helping fund The Magic School Bus, the National Science Foundation has been a big supporter of PBS’ STEM-related media for children, dating back to the days of ‘3-2-1 Contact,’ ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy,’ and ‘Reading Rainbow.’ On this episode of NPR’s 1A, host Joshua Johnson talks with the National Science Foundation and others about the enduring legacy of The Magic School Bus and other early multimedia science initiatives. And they look forward at what shows are inspiring today’s children to develop a passion for investigation and exploration.
Youth Are Invited to Name the Mars 2020 Rover!
Deadline: November 1, 2019
NASA invites K-12 students to submit essays to name NASA’s next Mars rover. Youth can submit their rover name and a short essay (maximum 150 words) to explain the reasons for their selected name. The Mars 2020 rover will seek signs of past microbial life, collect surface samples as the first leg of a potential Mars Sample Return campaign, and test technologies to produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere to prepare for future human missions. 
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