Tell AZ Legislature How You Want Your Public Education

| February 13, 2014

Expect More Arizona (EMA) is mobilizing people to attend and register their support in the Request to Speak system. Although it is expected that some of the bills to pass out of committee, this public show of support will be essential in showing that Arizonans do support the standards and assessments when the bills go to the floor for a vote and through budget negotiations.

To date, 8 bills have been filed that are in direct opposition to the standards and assessments. Some of the changes would include baring the Common Core in Arizona, requiring Arizona to stop participating in the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)  state consortium, or would allow school districts and charters to opt out of the standards and assessments to choose their own. On February 20th, the Senate Education Committee will hear a number of these bills.

Bellow are some ways in which you can become involved with Expect More Arizona’s mobilization.

1). Help to identify people to sign up in the Request to Speak System. EMA is equipped to sign up people that have not and are interested in doing so. This is important because it is the official record of opposition to these bills for the legislature. The legislature moved to a new system this year – and many people must re-register. You can see if your account is still valid at:

2). Attend hearings. By attending hearings your voice and opinions will be heard.


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