Analysis: Arizona’s best and brightest Latinos

| July 8, 2015

By Dan Hunting • Morrison InstituteTucson Sentinel

new report from Morrison Institute for Public Policy unveils a bit of good news for Arizona’s education system. The state’s schools have been the source of much anxiety for years. The Latino education gap has been a particular worry since Morrison published Five Shoes Waiting to Drop in 2001. With Latino students soon to be a majority of our K-12 population, it is clear that their education is closely tied to Arizona’s economic future. The role of increased college education in enhancing the state’s economy has recently been examined out by researchers at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Morrison Institute’s research indicates that for a small segment of Latino and low-income students, the gap seems to have closed. The very best high school students in both of these groups perform as well as their non-Latino and higher income peers when it comes to college attendance and college graduation rates. This somewhat surprising finding contradicts the conventional wisdom that highly achieving minority and low-income students are missing out on the opportunity for higher education. The study found that in nearly all respects the post-high school outcomes of these students were statistically identical to their peers.

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