ALERT! Child Care Administration Releasing Wait List and Authorizing Services for NEW Applicants

| July 29, 2015

Please take note of the latest actions of DES to maximize the number of families and children that can receive child care services.

Effective June 8th, Arizona’s Child Care Administration (CCA) will be releasing all of the children on the waiting list.  It is anticipated this will include between 1,900-2,000 children.  Services will be immediately authorized when all eligibility factors have been verified.  While that is exciting news, that is not even the best part of the update.

Also effective June 8th, for the first time since February 2009 CCA will be authorizing services for new applicants if the family’s income is at or below 110 percent of the Federal Poverty Level ($1,815 a month for a family of 3).  Unfortunately, for families with income above 110 percent, they will still be placed on the waiting list.  However, this change will allow more than half the applications received to be immediately authorized for services.

These actions will be great news for the families impacted and to the selected providers and their employees.


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