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| July 29, 2015

By Corina VanekArizona Daily Sun

By the second day of school in Bruce Sidlinger’s aerospace engineering class, students will be opening up their computer’s desktop tower to add the missing parts.

Sidlinger, a pilot, research director and contractor to NASA and the Department of Defense, spent 2 1/2 years developing the curriculum for high school students, and he will launch the class next week at Flagstaff High School.

“America needs more highly technical students coming out of high school,” Sidlinger said. “I have found that the best time to learn these skills is in middle and high school.”

The class itself, which has 18 students and is open to upperclassmen, will focus on building a near-space balloon, which the class will launch in April. Sidlinger said the school year will be spent working on all the components that will go into the final launch.

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