Achievement gap persists in FUSD schools

| July 15, 2015

By Corina Vanek • Arizona Daily Sun

A recent White House report commended states for lowering the gap between student achievement in the highest and lowest performing schools, while acknowledging persistent disparities still exist.

According to the report, Arizona is tied with Michigan for the 21st largest gap in student achievement for math, and ranks with the 32nd largest gap for students in reading, keeping the state near the middle of the group for the size of the achievement gaps.

In Flagstaff, student achievement on standardized tests remains consistent with that of the rest of the state, showing achievement gaps between schools as well as demographic groups.

The total graduation rate for the district last school year was 81 percent, slightly higher than the state average of 76 percent, according to data from the Arizona Department of Education.

However, Robert Hagstrom, the research and assessment director for the Flagstaff Unified School District said it can be difficult to accurately compare district rates with state rates, because the two can differ greatly in student demographics.

“Flagstaff is kind of an island that way,” Hagstrom said. “There isn’t a whole lot around us, so representation from different groups can be very different from the rest of the state.”

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