A menu of standardized tests: What it means for Arizona students and parents

| March 9, 2016

Bills approved by the House and Senate would give the state’s district and charter schools autonomy to use tests other than AzMERIT.

By Ricardo Cano • The Republic / azcentral.com

Arizona has long been  a pioneer in giving schools and parents options. Now it could push the boundaries of choice once again if Gov. Doug Ducey signs legislation that would make it the first state to adopt a menu of standardized tests.

A pair of bills approved by the House and Senate would give the state district and charter schools autonomy to use tests other than AzMERIT, the state’s new exam, to assess their students’ learning.

Supporters believe the move is subtraction by addition: Teachers and students would be able to use alternative standardized tests that better align with what’s being taught, eliminating duplicate testing.

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