A letter from FUSD Superintendent Barbara Hickman

| February 20, 2015

Below is a letter from FUSD (Flagstaff United School District) Superintendent Barbara Hickman:

February 11, 2015

Dear Flagstaff Unified School District Parents and Guardians:

A few weeks ago, Governor Ducey introduced an executive order and a budget proposal, which provides the baseline for how public and charter schools will receive their funding in school year 2015-16. If the proposal is adopted, FUSD will have approximately $1,000,000 less funding in fiscal year 2016. The negative impact for FUSD, our 9,800 students, parents, and employees is substantial.

You have likely heard rhetoric from both sides of the aisle as the media and legislators debate the pros and cons of what the Governor has outlined. Much of the budget details are still unclear, but because of the State structural budget shortfall, the following two reductions are imminent:

• District Additional Assistance – This refers to capital funding for building and maintenance repair, buses, textbooks and technology. In addition to the $2.8 million already removed by the State, the proposal adds another $1.3 million cut, which would amount to a $4.1 million total reduction in capital since fiscal year 2010.

• Student Success Funding – The budget eliminates this funding and the $155,000 that we received this year and reallocates those funds to the School Facilities Board to support the expansion of other school programs.

It is important to remember that this budget proposal is not final. Our legislators have a very difficult decision before them as they try to work with limited funds to meet the many needs in our State. Know that we are not sitting by idly while they weigh the importance of funding public education. We recently shared our concerns about the budget proposal with the Governor, our legislators and the Arizona Daily Sun.

Over the next few weeks, our Governing Board will continue to address budget concerns to meet mandates, be fair to employees and do the least harm to the classroom. It is our commitment to you that we will work tirelessly to illustrate the critical impact this budget will have to all stakeholders and that we will keep you informed of the progress.

As legislators begin voting on important issues that affect our schools, I implore you to join our effort. I hope you will voice your concerns to our legislators about how the proposal could be detrimental to your students’ educational experience in our District. Please contact our elected officials directly – Governor Ducey; Representative Bob Thorpe; Representative Brenda Barton and Senator Sylvia Allen to share your concerns.

Sincerely, Barbara Hickman Superintendent

…Read the letter HERE at the FUSD website

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