A Call to Be the Voice

| August 1, 2016

A Call to Be the Voice

beThe NACA Circles of Care team is seeking 4 Native American individuals ages 16-25 willing to be the face of their Social Marketing Campaign. They are looking for individuals willing to share their experiences with the Mental Health care system, their successes and their barriers. Their goal is to decrease stigma and taboos related to Mental Health and epower our youth! Individuals will be photographed on location here in Flagstaff. These photographs will be featured on their print ads, including but not limited to Parent/Guardian resources, Billboard ads, Mall advertisements, and promotional video spots. It is their hope that youth will be empowered to seek guidance, support and education about Mental Health services, as well as champion Mental Health causes and wellness efforts.

For more information contact Marian Bitsui (928)526-2968 ext 137, email mbitsui@nacainc.org or fill out their interest form at bit.ly/btvform


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