23 AZ students for every 1 teacher; ratio among country’s highest

| August 10, 2016

By Jason Berry • azfamily.com

PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) – Talk to just about any Valley teacher and he or she will tell you it’s the personal connections with the kids that keep them coming back year after year.

“You believe in them, and they don’t yet,” Jonathan Parker, a teacher at Thunderbird High School, explained. “And when they realize their own potential, it’s unbelievably rewarding.”

Christine Marsh, 2016 Arizona Teacher of the Year, says forging those personal connections is harder now than it used to be.

“I remember when I would think to myself, ‘How could I possibly teach 32 kids in one class?’ Because that was, like, a really big class then,” she said. “Now it’s ‘How can I possibly teach 42 or 40 or 39?’ Thirty-two is now a relatively small class — or at least average.  It’s no longer my big class.  And it makes a difference because that leaves less time to have any kind of individual impact or individual relationship with kids.”

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