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| April 6, 2014

A unique professional development opportunity offered free of charge for home visiting professionals. The Infant & Maternal Mental Health workshop will be a three parts: April 7-8 Part 1&2, April 10 Part 3, at the Northland Christian Assembly (1715 W. University Ave., Flagstaff, AZ 86001).

To register for the event, complete the APPLICATION and return to Carl Vanderpool at or fax to (928) 778-5300. For more information visit

Part 1: An Intensive Regional Best Practice Institute on Infant Mental Health and Child Development.  A two-day workshop for up to 40 participants.  This training focuses upon the introduction of attachment theory, the role/function of “attachment” for very young children, the development of attachment relationships, overview of classifications of attachment, implications for development, initial introduction of assessment of the relationship between infants and caregivers. The training will also address an introduction to the complex, ever-changing development of infants and young children across various areas of social/emotional development.

Part 2: A Regional Best Practice Institute on Parent/Caregiver Depression.   A one-day workshop for up to 40 participants.  Maternal/Paternal depressive symptoms such as sad mood, ruminative thoughts, slowed movements, and related somatic changes do not have to reach the severity required for diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) to interfere with parenting.  Attendees will learn the possible signs and symptoms of maternal and paternal depression, how to use the Edinburgh depression screening tool and the intentional use of observation and interventions with symptomatic parents. Attendees will also learn about the related adverse long-term health and social outcomes of children whose parents have depressive symptoms.

Part 3: Learning Collaborative.  Two half-day sessions following the Best Practice Institutes.  Sessions include case studies and practical application of materials covered, tool usage, skill check, observational skills in child/parent interactions, attachment & bonding, working with maternal depression and methods of supporting positive child-parent interactions.

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